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Why Private Universities Are Better Than Public in Nigeria

Do you want to know the common reasons why private universities are better than private universities in Nigeria or which university is better, and why private universities are better than government universities? Look no further!

In this article, we’ll show you all you need to know about why private universities are better than public in Nigeria and the reason why you should study in private and public institutions.

We understand that making decisions between private and public education can be difficult.

Public universities are still good no doubt but private universities to some are far better than public varsities.

Before we proceed, let’s look at the reasons why students prefer private universities.

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Why Private Universities Are Better Than Public In Nigeria
Private University Campus

Why Do Students Prefer Private Universities?

The reason why most students prefer private universities to public universities in Nigeria is that available resources in private institutions allow for better aid to students, better degree programs, and more opportunities.

Is Private University Better Than Public University in Nigeria?

Yes, a private university is better than a public university in Nigeria.

Let’s look at some of the factors below.

Why Private Universities Are Better Than Public In Nigeria

Top 10 Reasons why Private Universities are better than Public Universities in Nigeria.

  1. A Definite Graduation Date

  2. It’s Safer

  3. A Faster Syllabus

  4. A More Concentrated Learning Process

  5. Better Welfare

  6. Better Moral Training

  7. Superior Real World Experience And Laboratory

  8. Organized System

  9. No Lecturers Threat

A Definite Graduation Date

One of the major reasons why private Universities are better than public universities in Nigeria is because private universities in Nigeria have a fast academic calendar.

More so, in private universities, there is nothing like ASUU strike compared to public universities that are always on STRIKE every year.

The duration of time to undergo a certain program is not always extended compared to that of the public universities which are bound to change due to STRIKE or foresee circumstances in the school academic calendar.

Private universities in Nigeria are always time-targeted, as such give every academic session seriousness in order to catch up with the school academic calendar within the stipulated time.

It’s  safer

Private universities in Nigeria are better than public schools in Nigeria due to the following safer aspects;

In private universities, the issue of cultism is minimal to prevent cultist clashes compared to public universities in Nigeria which have a high rate of cultism.

This makes students live in fear due to the public assault and harassment they face on campus.

Furthermore, private universities in Nigeria are very strict and put modalities on the ground to help in preventing cultism in totality.

Private universities in Nigeria don’t face vandalism of properties due to a high level of security.

Meanwhile, it’s common in Public universities in Nigeria and students’ safety is not guaranteed!

A Faster Syllabus

One of the common reasons Why Private Universities Are Better Than Public In Nigeria is because private universities in Nigeria have updated syllabus and curriculums.

A More Concentrated Learning Process

When talking about reasons Why Private Universities Are Better Than Public In Nigeria, A More Concentrated Learning Process/environment can not be exempted!

In private universities in Nigeria, attention is given to each student in order to enhance their learning ability, but in public universities, students don’t experience such due to the large population density.

Also, the method of learning in private universities can not be compared to that of public universities in Nigeria.

Lecturers in private universities take time to identify the student’s weaknesses and strengths.

Private Universities adopt modern and technological methods of teaching while in Public universities it’s not so.

The aspect of a conducive lecture venue that is provided to students by the private institute helps to enhance an effective learning environment whereas a student in the public institute faces a lack of good lecture venues.

Welfare is another aspect that promotes and makes private universities better than public universities in Nigeria.

It is clear that the accommodation provided for students in the private institute is far better than that of the public institute.

Although, students in Public universities pay less for accommodation while those in private universities pay more.

In Private Universities in Nigeria, there is a constant light and water supply in the hostels, etc whereas in public universities it’s not so.

Better Moral Training

When talking about the major reasons Why Private Universities Are Better Than Public In Nigeria, we also consider better moral training.

The influence of a particular environment on an individual can not be overemphasized.

An enriching and stimulating home environment fosters healthy growth and brain development by providing a child with love, emotional support, and opportunities for learning and exploration.

Private universities in Nigeria are always very strict in enforcing moral standards within the university environment compared to public universities which are so large and sometimes out of control.

Superior Real World Experience And Laboratory

In Nigeria, Private universities have high-standard laboratories and facilities.

Students who study in private universities enjoy well-standardized laboratories with the necessary equipment to make learning very easy.

Meanwhile, public universities are lacking behind when it has to do with laboratories as most of their laboratories are not even up to standard and lack the necessary equipment.

For example, a student who studies Law at a private university in Nigeria will do better in moot court than a student who studies Law at a public university.

The truth is that private universities in Nigeria don’t admit up to 100 students into the Law faculty and it makes it easy for everyone to learn effectively.

Meanwhile, public universities do admit more than 300 into the same faculty with poor learning environments which makes academic work difficult for students.

Wrapping Up

It is crucial for you to develop the necessary skills and pursue worthwhile experiences while you’re in university.

Being adaptable to changes will surely set you up well for the constantly changing work environments later on.

The point is, it matters very little which institution – private or public – you decide to attend.

Both private and public universities have their own strengths.

As long as the institution can propel you closer to your ambitions and meet your needs and preferences, it is certainly worth your consideration.

However, it must be further noted that private universities’ tuition fees are more costly than that of public universities.

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