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Dollar To Naira Today 2022 (Black Market Exchange Rate) | USD To Naira

In BLOG this post, I will quickly show you EXACTLY Dollar To Naira Today 2022 (Black Market Exchange Rate) | USD To Naira, Naira to Dollar in Black Market or if you have been asking how much is 1 Dollar to Naira 2022, how much is 1 Dollar in naira currently or currency, one, 1 Dollar to Naira exchange rate online and Black market, Dollar to Naira Black Market rate, convert money to Naira then this post is for you. 

At the end of this post, you will get to know Dollar To Naira Today Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2022. I will provide you with the current USD to Naira rate today, CBN and black market exchange rate, Dollar to Naira 2022, Dollar to Naira Exchange rate online, and Black market, latest Black market rate or parallel market, and the amount Aboki Change Naira today.

It must be further noted that Dollar can be changed or converted both ONLINE and Offline.

Secondly, Aboki FX is the most trusted source for black market dollar to naira rate today in Nigeria (NG).

The black market commonly referred to as the Aboki market rate for dollars is usually higher than the exchange rate at the banks which is usually regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The CBN Exchange rate is the rate you can buy or sell dollars for naira listed on CBN dollar to naira website cbn.gov.ng.

In this wise, If you work online, earn in Dollars or just come into Nigeria today, It’s possible to convert or change your Dollars to Naira.

However, Dollar to Naira at the BLACK MARKET exchange rate is VERY HIGH compared to what the bank offers.

Dollar To Naira Today 2022 (Black Market Exchange Rate) | USD To Naira

Dollar To Naira Today 2022/2023

(Black Market Exchange Rate) | USD To Naira

Dollar to Naira (USD to NGN) Black Market Exchange Rate Today Online Exchange Rate
Buying Rate N640 N630
Selling Rate N630 N630

Dollars To Naira CBN Rate Today 2022


CBN exchange rate for 1 Dollar is N416.32 today.

How Much is Dollar to Naira Today?

Dollar Buyers has announced N630  as the latest, current, and official exchange rate for 1 Dollar to Naira today, being the 22nd July 2022.

This means that currently, 1 Dollar to Naira today is N565.

Wrapping Up…

Since Nigeria depends solely on the revenue generated from oil exportation, our economy is affected anytime there is a fall in oil price in the world market.

This alone shapes the Nigerian exchange rate.

Naira Dollar exchange rate today is highly affected by fluctuating price of oil in the world market.

Exchange rate is the price of one currency in terms of another currency.

Exchange rates can be either fixed or floating.

Fixed exchange rates are decided by central banks of a country whereas floating exchange rates are decided by the mechanism of market demand and supply.

About Central bank Of Nigeria (CBN)

The Central Bank of Nigeria is the central bank and apex monetary authority of Nigeria established by the CBN Act of 1958 and commenced operations on July 1, 1959.

About Central bank Of Nigeria (CBN), CBN logo

Statement of CBN Core Mandate

The mandate of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is derived from the 1958 Act of Parliament, as amended in 1991, 1993,1997,1998,1999 and 2007.

The CBN Act of 2007 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria charges the Bank with the overall control and administration of the monetary and financial sector policies of the Federal Government.

The Central Bank of Nigeria is known for the blue color on its office building at different branches of the country.

The objects of the CBN are as follows:

  1. Ensure monetary and price stability;
  2. Issue legal tender currency in Nigeria;
  3. Maintain external reserves to safeguard the international value of the legal tender currency;
  4. Promote a sound financial system in Nigeria; and
  5. Act as Banker and provide economic and financial advice to the Federal Government.
  6. Consequently, the Bank is charged with the responsibility of administering the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act (BOFIA), 2020, with the sole aim of ensuring high standards of banking practice and financial stability through its surveillance activities, as well as the promotion of an efficient payment system.
  7. In addition to its core functions, CBN has over the years performed some major developmental functions, focussed on all the key sectors of the Nigerian economy (financial, agricultural and industrial sectors). Overall, these mandates are carried out by the Bank through its various departments.

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